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Mar 01, 2020

Considering A New Business Start-Up? Here Are 2 Important Planning Steps

Market Research  Market research helps you find customers for your business by researching consumer needs, behaviors and economic trends to confirm the need for your business idea. Taking this important first step reduces risks while you are considering a new business start-up and developing your ...

Feb 14, 2020

Transform you Personal Caregiving Experience Into A Rewarding Business Opportunity

Personal Experience If you have sacrificed to take care of a loved one in need of daily support, you know how all-consuming and overwhelming it can be.  Personal caregiving experience provides the strongest foundation for transforming your professional occupation into your own care business.  Som...

Jan 20, 2020

What is a Franchise? The International Franchise Association (IFA) defines a franchise as “a method of distributing products or services. At least two levels of people are involved in a franchise system: (1) the franchisor, who establishes the brand’s trademark or trade name and a business syst...

Jan 10, 2020

Thinking of Becoming An Entrepreneur in 2020?

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey starts with deciding on the path to take. There are three ways you can go: Starting a business from scratch Purchasing an existing business or Investing into a franchise system Whichever path you take, running a business is all-consuming and full...

Dec 27, 2019

Cognitive Engagement Activities

Many seniors experience obstacles and barriers that discourage them from being active in their community.  Whether a mobility/physical limitation or a cognitive impairment, they often find it hard to continue navigating social situations.  This makes them vulnerable to social isolation and depress...

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