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Creativity in Dementia Care

Jan 14,2022

The ability to create, express, and focus on our thoughts brings us a sense of inner peace.  For those living with a Dementia diagnosis, there are far more life stressors than calming moments in their day, so providing creative avenues of expression should be part of their daily care plan.

Creating art projects can be a failure-free outlet that produces a sense of accomplishment, the opportunity for nonverbal expression, and stir memories that spark reminiscence.  These activities also benefit the caregivers, offering an enjoyable, lighthearted time together.  A much-needed respite from the daily demands of primary caregiving.

The article Dementia and Art Therapy – The Beauty of the Mind explains the benefits of art therapy for individuals affected by Dementia and their caregivers. “Many people find that art therapy helps build closer relationships, offers an open line of communication, and improves both behavior and concentration.” These creative outlets enable the individual to express themselves in a peaceful and meaningful way while also working “untapped” areas of the brain to “emphasize the abilities that an individual still has.”

Dementia care is difficult and at times exhausting, implementing a daily care plan that includes times of expressive therapies, such as art is shown to improve the overall wellbeing of both the one living with dementia and their caregivers.

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