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Elder-Well® Founders

Co-founders of the Elder-Well® franchise and husband and wife, Kara and Ken Harvey love the senior care industry, making an impact in local communities, and each other (most of the time anyways – running a business together is no joke!)

Kara fell in love with the senior care sector at an early age. She started as a Home Health Aide nearly 30 years ago and quickly realized how much she loved working with older adults – the stories, spirit, and smiles of her clients had her convinced this was where she was meant to be.

Over the next two decades, Kara and Ken flexed every muscle of the senior care business and learned (sometimes the hard way) every in and out of the industry. They opened a personal care agency, became franchisees of a national home care brand, and developed an aging-in-place construction company.

Through every business they opened and grew together, they noticed over and over that there was a gap in the market: So many seniors don’t need medical care, but still need daily support. Where was that option?

It had become the norm for seniors who did not need in-home medical care but still struggled with cognitive impairments, such as early signs of dementia, to spend their days alone in their homes. Kara knew that isolation leads to further detriments to memory, cognition, and health and she wanted to create a concept that supported older adults in a way that provided therapeutic activities, socialization, exercise, and nutrition.

In 2014 Kara and Ken launched the first Elder-Well® Adult Day Program and it took off! The program quickly became a trusted resource for families and senior care professionals seeking day care services.

Today, Kara and Ken continue their mission to support seniors and their families across the country with the Elder-Well® franchise. Increasing awareness of the value of day programs, and helping local owners open their own thriving Elder-Well® Adult Day Centers.


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