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Transform you Personal Caregiving Experience Into A Rewarding Business Opportunity

Feb 14,2020

Transform you Personal Caregiving Experience Into A Rewarding Business Opportunity

Personal Experience

If you have sacrificed to take care of a loved one in need of daily support, you know how all-consuming and overwhelming it can be.  Personal caregiving experience provides the strongest foundation for transforming your professional occupation into your own care business.  Some of the skills you developed during your time as a full-time caregiver are:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Organization and scheduling
  • Redirecting and situational diffusing
  • Intuition
  • Selflessness and dedication
  • Self-motivation

Not to mention mastering sleep deprivation, ability to ignore comments such as: you are doing too much and developed the knowledge that depending on others to do the hard work never pays off.

All these skills are important qualities that are key in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Supporting Other Family Caregivers

Because you have developed strong supportive caregiving skills and made a significant difference in your loved one’s life, it is important to use those skills to support others that are navigating through their caregiving journey, most likely alone.

Starting an Adult Day Care business is a positive way to implement your passion and knowledge of caring for seniors by offering a safe, supportive and stimulating day AND providing their caregivers much need respite services.

Elder-Well™ Support for Compassionate Entrepreneurs

Elder-Well™ Social-Supportive Adult Day Program has a proven system that enables their franchisees to develop and operate a successful business of their own.

We take the guess work and struggle out of learning how to form a business in an industry that is difficult to navigate.  We guide you through each step in launching and operating a high quality and much needed community service business.

Elder-Well™ provides you with the tools and support necessary to make a difference, in aging adults in need of supportive care needs, their caregivers in need of resources and guidance and making a positive impact in your community as well.

Follow Your Hearts Calling

Even though your own full-time caregiving journey may have come to an end, you most likely will always have that compassion for vulnerable elders and overburdened caregivers in your heart.  Knowing how important providing hope, joy and friendship to both the elder and their caregiver is, follow your heart and create your own business enabling others to benefit from your experience.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those determined to solve a problem that really matters to them at a personal level.  Let us assist you in starting down your new entrepreneurial path.

Best Regards,

Kara Harvey – Founder & CEO

Elder-Well™ Adult Day Program

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