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The Impact of Dementia on Caregivers & Loved Ones

May 10,2023

The impact of dementia on caregivers and others is significant. It is essential, as a community, to raise awareness of this impact and provide support and resources to those who care for and love those living with dementia.

We can all acknowledge that caring for a loved one with dementia can be an emotional and exhausting journey. We know that caregivers often sacrifice their careers, personal lives, financial stability, and health to provide care for their loved ones and most times without support.

We also acknowledge that the impact of dementia is not limited to the primary caregiver, but family members and friends may also struggle to accept the changes in their loved ones. They may feel helpless, frustrated, and even depressed as they watch their loved one experience the changes that affect their personalities, independence, and daily functioning. Also, children may feel confused, uncomfortable, and even scared by the changes in their elder, special care should be given to them as they try to understand dementia’s effects.

There are many resources and support systems available for those affected by dementia in their lives, but connecting with the right ones can be difficult. Start by reaching out to the Alzheimer’s Association® and Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, they will have local resources that can guide you to the right path.

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