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We have been so impressed by the amazing and wonderful Elder-Well program in Natick! Kara and her staff are kind, patient, understanding and make every individual feel special and cared for. There are a variety of engaging and fun activities ranging from arts and crafts, puzzles and games, storytelling, daily exercise, entertainment, and opportunities to socialize in small groups or one-on-one. We appreciate and trust Elder-Well’s safe and well-maintained facilities. I especially appreciate Kara’s support and emphasis on the social-emotional health and well-being of both the client and the caregiver. My mother always returns smiling, laughing and telling us she had a great time!

Rich S.

Elder-well staff are the nicest people! They sincerely care about my mom. They want to know what she likes doing so they can engage her. I am so grateful they do the work they do. It’s is such a relief to have people who understand what we are going through in such a caring way. Thank you!

Joanne J.

Greetings. I want to thank you all for the lovely morning I spent with you when I visited your Elder-Well Adult Day Program in Natick. Your Program is magical, drawing out each participant with an engaging and respectful series of interactions. Not only were these exchanges fun but they built on and strengthened the cognitive, emotional and physical abilities of everyone involved. And the space was so bright and cheerful, clearly designed to be mastered and enjoyed by everyone. You all have created a very special, safe and comfortable place.

Jill R.

My husband has been attending Elder-Well since May. It’s been a great addition to his week! He’d been participating in another program before the pandemic and honestly he didn’t love it. On the other hand, Elder-Well has been a completely different experience for him. He doesn’t have the memory or cognitive skills to tell me much about his day, but he’s always in a happy mood and can tell me his day was “good!” when I pick him up. The staff of Elder-Well sends out a newsletter with photos each week and I can see that my husband is participating in their activities. They do really creative stuff that the staff tailors to individual levels and skills. There are a number of participants in the program who are at a much higher cognitive level than my husband and they seem to be having a blast. The Elder-Well director was very flexible in allowing me to set up a schedule that accommodated my husband. The entire staff is enthusiastic, professional, kind and just generally wonderful. I highly recommend Elder-Well.

Lenna K.

Our mom has been attending Elder-Well for several months now. She absolutely loves her days there but I think we love them even more because we know how happy and engaged she is. It’s been a true game changer. We couldn’t be happier with the loving, caring team, wonderful, creative programs and facility. Thanks so much to the Elder-Well team.

Maryellen E.

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